Cowboy Up's GIFT to YOU!

We want to share some great news with you!  Cowboy Up Ministry has just opened an account with Dave Ramsey Financial Peace (Ramsey Solutions) for all of our people to have access to the new Ramsey Plus!  This will be FREE for each of you until July 31, 2021!  In case you don't already know, "Ramsey Solutions provides biblically based, common sense education and empowerment that give HOPE to everyone in every walk of life". 


Please use the link below to activate your Ramsey Plus membership.  You will need to enter your first name, last name, and email.  The best news is: you do NOT have to take a nine (9) class to do the program! You can do it on-line at your convenience.   Do as much or as little as you want, when you want!  So for those of you who have already done the program - what a great opportunity to refresh your memory and your focus on your finances.   And if you haven't already done the program, now you can do it compliments of Cowboy Up Ministry!

Join us on ZOOM TODAY!


Join Zoom Meeting, starts promptly at 3:00 pm Sunday, September 20!

Meeting ID: 848 2676 4083
Passcode: 621804


You can join the Zoom meeting just to see what it is all about and then decide if you want to accept our GIFT to YOU!


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